Happy Labor Day Guatemala

Imagen1_(2).jpgInternational Labor Day is celebrated around the world and Guatemala is no exception. This day commemorates the struggle of workers to enforce their labor rights. Thanks to these struggles today workers have fair working conditions. However, there are sectors that continue to fight for job opportunities that allow them to meet their needs and be able to develop in an environment of equality.

The labor market in the Alta Verapaz region, and in our communities, is adverse as there are no decent sources of employment. The majority of the population is engaged in agricultural and livestock activities, sectors that in our country do not have laws that guarantee labor rights. Because of this, informal employment predominates. According to the National Institute of Statistics in the rural area, 85 out of 100 people are employed in the informal sector.

CHOICE Humanitarian with the Vocational Training Center (Sikaab'e) facilitates the technical training and institutes skills and knowledge to community members that allow them to create their own business, to continue their studies, and to overcome their poverty. Courses and careers have been implemented that are in-line with the labor market, such as the Small Engine Repair, Electricity, Masonry, and Gastronomy courses.


Also CHOICE Humanitarian has continued to generate jobs. In the last year, 1,018 families have been benefited as we have helped them to exceed their daily income of $ 2 to $ 5.50, improving their quality of life.

CHOICE Humanitarian Guatemala is convinced that all people have the right to opt for decent, satisfactory and well-paid jobs, thus generating strong and self-sustaining communities.


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