GAD Program (Gobierno Autonomos Descentralizados)

The Value of Partnerships

Our in-country teams understand that using limited funds efficiently requires forming partnerships. CHOICE Ecuador has developed great relationships with Gobiernos Autónomos Descentralizados (GADs), or local government agencies responsible for development projects. GADs are provided with financial resources from the central government to help rural villages develop, but they do not have the research, expertise, or methodology to execute programs – which is where CHOICE steps in.







In 2016, CHOICE worked with five different GADs (Piartal, Fernandez Salvador, Angochagua, Plaza Gutierrez, and Cotacachi) and with the provincial governments of Imbabura and Carchi. These valuable partnerships have resulted in $171,562.50 in funding, which CHOICE has used to develop the following programs: 

  • Demonstration farms
  • Farm diversification training and small animal production
  • Organization of local producers to improve their leveraging
  • Production of medicinal plants
  • Establishment of school gardens and small animal production for use in the school curriculum and lunch program
  • Development of local farmers markets
  • Expansion of a fish farming cooperative
  • Strengthening of food production and marketing chains


CHOICE Ecuador uses each of these programs to develop community leadership and organization. Once a community has undergone several programs with the assistance of CHOICE Ecuador, they are better equipped to organize and carry out programs on their own. Over 10,000 people in Ecuador are on their way out of poverty – an unbelievable feat made possible our partnership with GADs. 


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