Four Phases of a Self-Developing District Program (Ten Years)

  1. Organizing the Villagers through Trust and Awareness Building, Starting the Five WOWs (every home will have a smoke free kitchen, a garden, a savings account, and everyone will magnify core values and have basic reading writing and arithmetic skills) and introduce the 6Ps/financial literacy program (First Year).
  2. Completing the Five WOWs and the Training of local leaders (both men and women, establish cooperatives and savings program, start enterprises for the extreme poor (Second Year).
  3. Establishing a Preliminary District Council:  Eliminate Extreme Poverty through enterprise-funding linked to local Banks and cooperatives and improved agriculture and the reinforcement of the concept of “communities of compassion” helping the extreme poor into a better quality of life (Third Year).
  4. After three years of close interaction between CHOICE Rural Development Facilitators (RDFs) and leaders and villagers in the Self Developing District area, villages are considered “graduated,” essentially independent of CHOICE.  They are capable of organizing themselves into “communities of development” helping all families into a higher quality of life.  In this period, all the villagers will be linked to the internet and have developed market chains that ensure a diversity of employment opportunities.  (Years four to ten and beyond).