Finally Able to Provide Education to their Family

Paula Pavón, an enterprising woman of 34 years and her husband Fernando Proaño of 37 years old have three children and live in rural Ecuador.

Paula and Fernando married young and from the beginning, they had to work very hard to support their family. Without a sufficient education, Fernando had to go out to work as a bricklayer. When construction work was scarce, he performed small jobs as an electrician. Paula was dedicated to the care of her home and sometimes did secretarial work. 

Seven years ago, she decided to form a group of women from her community to start rural tourism activities. With the support of a social aid foundation, they were able to make a go of the enterprise, but the lack of tourists hindered their progress.

Two years ago, CHOICE Ecuador started working in the area giving the group of women a new opportunity to strengthen their rural tourism initiative by helping to the women's association of Pucará which helped to improve its services of accommodation and attention to foreign and national tourists. This activity has allowed Paula and her companions to receive income not only to improve the quality of life of their families but also to improve the conditions of their homes.

Thanks to the income generated from rural tourism, Paula and Fernando have been able to access a loan at the bank and have rented a place in the center of the parish where they live they have opened a small bakery.  Fernando is now working in the bakery so that he can better manage the family business without having to leave his family to seek work in large cities. With the support of CHOICE Humanitarian, Paula continues to strengthen her rural tourism group and is hopeful that these small businesses will succeed.  In this way, she will finally be able to provide education to their children.

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