Feeding the Forgotten


Agricultural Development for the World's Smallholder Farmer

New book with a unique focus on smallholder agriculture in developing countries

  • Serves as an extensive curriculum and reference resource in academic, nonprofit, and government settingsFeeeding_The_Forgotten_Cover_Small.jpg
  • Written by subject-matter experts with wide experience in international development
  • Teaches sustainable smallholder farm practices to promote nutrition and economic independence
  • Contains many real-life examples of applied principles and practices
  • 2nd edition published in 2017 by CHOICE Humanitarian
  • 269 pages with many photographs, tables, and charts





"This book would be a beneficial addition to any agency, NGO, or an academic institution that has an international development program."

Larry C. Tennyson, Ph.D., 30 years experience as Water Resources Consultant/Staff member, Food and Agriculture Organization/United Nations


  1. Small-scale Agriculture Principles, Concepts, and Strategies
  2. Nutrition
  3. Sequential Gardens
  4. Plant Production
  5. Composting
  6. Animal Production
  7. Economics
  8. Irrigation
  9. Appropriate Technology
  10. A Practical Implementation of the Small-scale Agriculture Model in Developing Countries
  11. Principles and Conclusions

Appendix. Teaching Strategies for Experiential Learning




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