Family and Community Gardens

Peru Gardens Lead to Prosperity

In Peruvian villages, lack of food variety causes malnutrition and stunted growth. Malnutrition hinders a child’s educational experience and limits the productivity and earning potential of adults.








 Family, school, and community garden projects are one of the many tools that CHOICE uses to help communities lift themselves out of poverty. CHOICE Peru teaches the importance of nutrition and helps them establish their own gardens.

The gardens can be grown by almost anyone with limited input. The freshly grown produce introduces much-needed vitamins and minerals into a family’s diet, which are especially important for small children who are growing and developing. Excess produce from the gardens can be sold to neighbors and in local markets, providing additional income to families. While the added funds may seem small, they cause a substantial increase in income for the extreme poor.








The nutrition and self-sustainability that gardens provide help families change their lives. Equipped with enthusiasm and additional funds, communities begin to envision and execute community development programs, such as acquiring clean water, building schools, improving sanitation, constructing medical facilities, and more. Success leads to more success.

The CHOICE Peru team coordinates its efforts with:

  • Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and other international organizations
  • Local and regional government institutions
  • Educational institutions from primary schools to universities

By partnering with these institutions, they leverage their funds to reach families in northern Peru, from the coast of Piura to the mountain tops of the Andes. 


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