Expedition Manual

Check out our Expedition Manual to understand everything you need to know before going on an expedition! 

Expedition Manual

The manual outlines the following: CHOICE philosophy and development; pre-departure preparation, paperwork, passports and insurance; travel and money matters; mental and physical preparation; briefing meetings, teamwork and journals; immunizations and participant health; general foreign travel information, what to expect in the village, CHOICE policies, and after the expedition.

Country Travel and Packing Information

Our country-specific Travel and Packing Information sheets include important information that will help you prepare to travel. This includes important documents needed for travel, visa information, and recommended vaccines and immunizations. There is also information about currency used in country, typical weather to expect, traditional food on an expedition, etc. 

Make sure you double-check the recommended packing list so you don't forget anything!


Review our Terms & Conditions

Before applying to participate on an expedition, each participant is required to read and agree to these Terms & Conditions.

Please reach out to the CHOICE Expeditions Team if you have any questions regarding anything mentioned in the Terms & Conditions.

Expedition Journal by Country

Taking part in an expedition is a life-changing opportunity that will never be forgotten. Each expedition has an Expedition Journal that participants write in throughout the week. The journal entries include experiences, interactions with village members, events, project work details, drawings, and memories never to be forgotten. 

Check out the following Expedition Journals from past expeditions! 

     Peru Public Expedition July 2018
     Guatemala Public Expedition December 2017
     Ecuador ASEA Private Expedition July 2019
     Mexico Public Expedition March 2017
     Kenya Public Expedition August 2019
     Nepal Public Expedition December 2017




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