Expedition Gift Cards

Gift someone the experience of a lifetime! Gift them a CHOICE Expedition!

Even through we are unable to travel to the villages right now becuase of Covid-19, we are looking forward to the day when we can and we want you to join us! 

If you have been on a CHOICE Expedition before, you understand the life-changing experience a week in the village can be... Take Teresa Larsen and her family. Her family's experiences on CHOICE Expeditions have resulted in career choices, mindset shifts, and lifelong goals for her family to continue to participate in humanitarian outreach and connection for years to come. 

CHOICE Expeditions change lives. Not only the lives of the villagers whose projects we support, but the life of the expeditioner as well. 

Choose the amount you would like to gift, whether it is the deposit fee, the whole expedition fee, or another amount. Upon purchase of the gift card, you will recieve a discount code to include in the expedition registration corresponding with the expedition gift card amount. This gift is redeemable at anytime and does not include airfare. Please reach out with any questions! 

Emily Wright · · (207) 432-8442