Education as a Gateway to Social Change

Social-Change.jpgPrem Kumari Prajuli is a 79-year-old widow. She was married at 11 and a widow by 12. When her husband died, she was too young to realize that lasting impact of how that would shape her life. Even after the tragic event, as a tradition she had to live with in-laws. She feels fortunate to have in-laws that are caring and respectful. She has devoted her life to caring for her nephews and nieces, and they now take care of her as she is getting older.

She can read and write because she self-studied and attended adult literacy classes in the evening, but she never had the opportunity to go to school. She knows education is the key to social change – like child marriages and eliminating extreme poverty. 

She feels that if people were well educated, child marriages would not have taken place nor would she have had to survive an ill-fated life. Therefore, she sold land she inherited to donate $2,500 USD to build a school that was destroyed by the April 2015 earthquake. It’s only fitting she was able to lay the foundation stone!


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