Ecuador Schools

“Intag” is a remote area in Ecuador that is named for the Intag river. “Cara” is the name of an ancient indigenous civilization that populated this region hundreds of years ago. As such, it is fitting that the new technical training and tourism center we are building in partnership with ASEA Life Advancing Foundation and 7 GADs (Gobierno Autonomos Descentralizados) will be called Inta Cara.

"This school like this, shows local people that they have options and opportunities," Jams B. Mayfield, PhD and Co-Founder of CHOICE Humanitarian. 


This center fills a great need in this valley of 40 rural communities and 20,000 people where:

  • 78% are located in the rural area
  • 85% of families do not have enough food to sustain themselves
  • 60% of the inhabitants suffer from malnutrition
  • 84% of the population is living in poverty
  • 25% live in extreme poverty (less than $1.90 a day)
  • 20% are illiterate
  • 5% of youth have access to a college, trade school, or university education
  • 90% of the population is engaged in agricultural activities (agriculture and animal husbandry)

Courses will include masonry, carpentry, culinary arts, agricultural training, small animal production, horticulture, fish farming, and others.

Inta Cara will help reduce poverty by providing employment opportunities after certification. And the food and animal production classes will address food security. The center will also provide local youth with an option for higher education.