Dreaming Big in Nepal!

Scholarships in Nepal"I am Binisha Ghimire from the Dalit caste, which is considered the untouchable community, in the Makawanpur District of Nepal. My father is a taxi driver and my elder brother works in small scale farming. My father struggles to feed, clothe, and educate his children and manage our family of nine.

I never dared to dream big, as my family does not have the means to provide us quality education. However, I experienced a change I never thought would happen in my life. I was selected for an annual scholarship worth 803.00 USD to fund my education, a three-year agriculture technician training course. The training is very valuable as Nepal needs more agricultural technicians. The award has relieved pressure on my family to fund my education. I am working hard and doing well in my studies. This degree will go a long way in helping me establish self-dignity and supporting my family financially after I graduate. It is empowering me to be independent and skillful.

My heartfelt thanks go to CHOICE Humanitarian for giving wings to my dreams of being an able and educated woman."

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