Will I be safe?


Both CHOICE HQ and the in-country staff take all necessary precautions to ensure your safety, within practical limits.  But, ultimately, safety is up to the individual’s use of common sense. From the moment you land in-country to the moment you depart, you will be accompanied by CHOICE in-country staff and Certified Expedition Leaders through all transportation, hotel, and travel logistics.

With them, you will be traveling in private transportation through trusted agencies.  We stay at safe, clean, trusted hotels. It is typically very safe in the village and there is little to no crime.  Your belongings will be in the closed off sleeping areas. You are advised not to leave personal belongings (such as cameras and sunglasses) lying around outside this area.  

Prior to and/or after the expedition, participants are on their own and we encourage taking necessary precautions to ensure personal safety.

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