Direct Sourcing

The goal of direct sourcing is to connect farmers with foreign companies that represent a reliable and consistent market.

By connecting farmers directly with companies, we can cut out the middleman. This allows the farmer to take ownership of more steps in the value chain, which leaves him with a higher margin.  Direct sourcing provides both the farmer and the company with fair and transparent pricing that reflects the market, which increase the income for the farmer and leaves him with more to dedicate to addressing his needs.


We work with Crio Bru, a Utah-based chocolate company, to provide cacao, specifically cacao blanco, directly from cacao farmers in Peru. Crio Bru uses the cacao beans from our farmers in Peru to create their antioxidant-rich chocolate drink and high-end chocolate bars.  You can watch a video of Eric Durtschi, the founder and owner of Crio Bru, speaking about his experience sourcing cacao beans with CHOICE on this page.

In addition to our established relationships, we are also building opportunities to source mango and other fruits from Peru; we are also investing in Instant Quick Freeze (IQF) technology in Peru to freeze-dry the produce.  This process not only retains much of the vitamins of the fruit and increases the shelf-life of the product, but it also leaves more of the profit of production with the farmers and in the communities.

Additional opportunities include alpaca fiber, llama hair, coffee beans, cacao, essential oils, fruits, quinoa.