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Wheeler.jpgWheeler Machinery offers products and services to support the construction, agriculture, governmental, mining, landscaping, and power generation industries. They provide top-of-the-line equipment needed to get any job done. Wheeler is dedicated to excellence, which shows not only through their superior customer service and products, but also through their commitment to social good!

Wheeler Machinery has been a proud partner of CHOICE Humanitarian since 2012. Since the beginning, they have provided significant program grants, sponsored corporate expeditions, and encouraged employee payroll giving. They know that company culture starts at the top, but it really comes to life when all layers of the company buy-in. For this reason, Wheeler generously matches all payroll giving $2 to $1. They routinely cover employees' expedition costs to join CHOICE in the field. Most importantly, they take pride in sharing the impact their company is making! From creating self-reliance in Mexico through aquaponics to supporting major re-
forestation initiatives in Guatemala to sponsoring a women’s dairy cooperative in Bolivia, Wheeler Machinery has made an amazing
impact in all the countries where CHOICE works!

PARTICIPATION | Payroll Giving, Corporate Expeditions, Corporate Project Grants, In-Kind Expertise/Product Donation

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