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Christopherson-logo-color-rgb-extended-left.jpgChristopherson Business Travel has delivered client-focused, tech-savvy business travel management for more than 60 years. Even more importantly, they have been a proud corporate partner of CHOICE Humanitarian for more than 20 years! In addition to voluntary employee contributions and a 2:1 matching program, Christopherson sends a group of employees on a week-long humanitarian expedition each year. They firmly believe in sharing the wealth and taking care of the global community.

Christopherson also provides travel services through CV Humanitarian Travel to all expeditioners, getting the best prices for our groups and providing a percentage of the proceeds as a kickback to CHOICE!

"Christopherson has been associated with CHOICE for more than 20 years and it is our primary endeavor for “giving back” to the global community. When our employees join together on our annual CHOICE Humanitarian expeditions, they are united in focus and a company culture of service is created, connections are made and, most importantly, lives are improved. Adding purpose to our company’s daily efforts creates a sense of doing good for humankind and makes us all better."

- Mike Cameron, CEO

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