Collaboration is the Key to Ending Extreme Poverty

Peru_gov_partnership.jpgThe key to ending extreme poverty is collaboration. That’s why CHOICE Peru joined forces with representatives of the Piura Regional Government and the La Arena District Municipality to create an economic self-sufficiency program to benefit the families of four villages in the district of La Arena.

Eduardo Pineda, regional manager of Economic Development said, "We are committed to working with local governments and institutions to ensure that people improve their economic conditions, which will translate into improved quality of life." He added that the development of projects by the Piura regional government, the La Arena District Municipality, and CHOICE Peru scheduled for 2018 will benefit more than 650 families.

Harrinson Talledo, mayor of the La Arena District Municipality said that this economic self-sufficiency program will directly benefit 3,873 people and 10,691 people indirectly. "The objective is to empower families, to develop their capacities that allow them to achieve sustainability, we cannot do this alone and it is important to coordinate efforts with the Regional Economic Development Division of the Piura Regional Government, the La Arena District Municipality, and Choice Humanitarian."

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