CHOICE Merges with The Institute of Self Reliant Agriculture

Ecuador-garden.jpgCHOICE is helping communities all over the world to become independent of charity through leadership programs and economic development. CHOICE has officially incorporated The Institute of Self Reliant Agriculture into our program to become one united front. After two years of vetting and thoughtful deliberation we are all thrilled with our decision.

The Institute of Self Reliant Agriculture is a small NGO out of Washington with a great agriculture program that targets mostly the family level. Family gardens, nutrition and food security are critical components of their program.

“Both organizations understand that their participants must do all they can to help themselves. Handouts do not work, but mentoring … with proper tools does work. By experience, both organizations have learned to work first with individual leaders of a community to consequently lift all,” Mike Bumstead, Institute of Self Reliant Agriculture Founder and new CHOICE board member.


Our goal in uniting efforts is that we will be stronger as a result of our combined effort. To our program we will now add Peru and Ecuador, which is where their work is focused. We will combine elements of their family model with our community building model using the best of each.

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