CHOICE Humanitarian Core Values

The purpose of CHOICE Humanitarian is the development of disadvantaged rural village people of this planet through the establishment of programs for better health and education, the eradication of extreme poverty and the strengthening of family and community efforts to help themselves. It is our strong belief that this purpose can only be achieved through the strengthening and adherence to high moral principles and ideals.  Some of the high moral ideals upon which CHOICE seeks to establish its program include:

  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Mutual Respect
  • Human Equality
  • Courage
  • Moral Progress 


  1. The ideal of integrity requires a commitment to a high standard of behavior both in our public and private lives and that honesty and transparency must characterize all our dealings with each other, with expedition participants, with donors, and with the disadvantaged poor that we work with.
  2. The ideal of responsibility requires unselfish and voluntary service to the less advantaged of this world through the creation of expeditions, internships and the recruitment and support of rural development facilitators (RDFs).
  3. The ideal of mutual respect requires an appreciation of all great systems of ethics and virtue which teach the acceptance of a universal set of core values that promote a high standard of morality and acknowledge the importance of seeking spirituality in all of our endeavors.  We affirm the universal code of conduct that people should treat others as they would like to be treated.
  4. The ideal of human equality requires an effort to promote greater equality of opportunity for all people regardless of race, religion, gender or social position by developing programs that emphasize the needs and aspiration of those who are most disadvantaged in this world.
  5. The ideal of courage requires nonviolent resistance to all forms of exploitation and injustice wherever it might be found.  Moral courage requires both an awareness of the problems disadvantaged people face but also a commitment to find ways to deal with the injustice and exploitation that characterize the lives of most of the disadvantaged of this planet.
  6. The ideal of moral progress requires a belief in the inherent goodness in all people and acknowledges that if people are to have dignity, self-worth and good will towards others, they must be free to initiate processes of participation, involvement, and empowerment to improve their own quality of life and to determine their own destiny for the future.  Moral principles must be included in setting goals, selecting strategies, and making decisions.  CHOICE Humanitarian is based on a spirit of service and compassion to the less advantaged of this world, in which decisions and action must be bound by moral principles.  CHOICE Humanitarian seeks to identify, recruit and support individuals willing to encourage and foster a higher standard of human behavior and values in themselves and in others.

These Core Values of CHOICE was approved by their Board of Directors in March 1994.

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