CHOICE Essential Oil Producers (CEOP)

cardamom-oil.pngCHOICE Essential Oil Producers (CEOP) is an LLC wholly owned by CHOICE developed exclusively to handle the business transactions of direct-sourcing essential oils to doTERRA for their Co-Impact Sourcing program. 

doTERRA's Co-Impact Sourcing Program is the company's strategy for sourcing raw materials for their oils directly from farmers where they can assure fair prices to farmers and support an NGO partner like CHOICE to be on the ground and assure sustainability and consistency in the quality and quantity requirements. We are currently working with them to source Wintergreen and Spikenard from Nepal and Cardamom from Guatemala. We continue to explore and expand new oils to bring to doTERRA from our small-scale farmers.

Furthering the commitment to social impact, doTERRA also has the Healing Hands Foundation that provides grants to these same local communities to address basic quality of life needs as prioritized by the community itself. These funds accelerate the communities health and strength in building their path out of poverty.

Value-Chain.pngTo give you an idea of how impactful these direct sourcing opportunities can be for the farmers, consider the example of cardamom farming in Guatemala. Since 2014, when we partnered with doTERRA, direct sourcing has increased the margin for farmers from 4% to 57% by allowing farmers to be involved in not only growing and harvesting the cardamom, but also drying and trading.

In addition, by December 2015, 130 families have been trained on best agricultural practices, which has increased their income by 4% by improving the quality and quantity of their crops.  Over 800 fairly remunerated jobs have been generated from harvesting and drying the cardamom.