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We are honoring Rita by gifting her a compilation of photos, stories, memories and thoughts from her CHOICE Family. Please help us honor Rita and her legacy by contributing to this project.
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The Impact of a Scholarship

The Impact of a Scholarship

Mwenda is from the Mwaruvesa village in Kenya and is the sixth of nine children. Her parents aging and in poverty, were unable to support her education. Mwenda, like many children in Kenya, could not afford to continue her education after primary school. Students are required to pay tuition for high school and university level education, making it difficult for those in poverty to continue their education past a grade school level.

In 2013, at the age of nine, Mwenda went to work selling charcoal to support her family. She dreamed of saving enough money to continue her education, but without help that dream would be impossible. As a result of CHOICE Humanitarian training, led by Rita Lugogo, her village began a community based education trust fund to provide scholarships to students in need. Through that trust fund, Mwenda has now been granted a scholarship and is working hard in school to achieve her dream of becoming a doctor. She recognizes how the community has supported her and has promised to assist her family and the community after getting a job.

Without scholarships many bright young students like Mwenda are forced to end their education and begin work at a young age. Rita Lugogo recognized that without education the cycle of poverty continues. Your contribution to the Rita Lugogo Scholarship Fund has a direct impact on a student and their community.

Rita Lugogo Scholarship Fund

As Rita was a fierce advocate for education, we are excited to honor her through the Rita Lugogo Scholarship Fund and continue to provide education in her name. Below are the annual costs for education in Kenya, but please know that any donation makes a difference.


one year of high school education for a student in Kenya


one year of university or trade school education for a student in Kenya

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Mama Rita

Dr. Rita Lugogo served as CHOICE Humanitarian's Kenya In-Country Director for twenty-five years. In that time, she implemented the CHOICE Model of Leadership Development, raising the standard of living for thousands of individuals and co-founded Yehu Microfinance Services, which provides microloans to over 35,000 clients, many of whom are women working to build businesses. While Rita has changed the lives of thousands through the CHOICE model and the founding of Yehu, her deepest passion has always been education. She personally provided scholarships to students throughout Kenya, changing the course of their lives through continued education. To hundreds of thousands of rural Kenyans she is known as "Mama Rita" a mentor, an advocate, and a friend.

We are thankful for Rita, her years of service, and her significant impact improving lives throughout Kenya. She has retired from her position as CHOICE Kenya In-Country Director, but her legacy will live on for years to come. Join in celebrating Rita by donating to the Rita Lugogo Scholarship Fund or by sharing your favorite memories of Rita to the photo book below.

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