Catalyst High School Philanthropy Program


Form a school group to help bring people out of extreme poverty and boost your college applications while you’re at it. Call Marissa at CHOICE 801-484-1937 to learn more.


Program Details

  • Choose from one of CHOICE’s 7 countries and a relevant project.
  • Work with CHOICE to learn about that country and the village where the project will be implemented.
  • Select an amount your group will fundraise to support the project.
  • Raise the money for your project.
  • Travel and volunteer abroad to the project site for a week during the following summer to help implement the project.


Where CHOICE operates

Sustainable Development

Sustainable development means balancing economic, environmental, and social elements to meet current needs without compromising future generations. Humanitarian trips need to fit into the idea of sustainability by being part of a larger, locally driven program that exists long before expeditions arrive and programs must have commitments from every community that lasts long after the expeditions leave. Our expedition philosophy outlines our commitment to sustainable development. 


Questions? Contact Marissa Bernards at [email protected] to learn more and set up an informational meeting.