Bolivia gets new Greenhouse Classroom

KUDOS to teSchool.JPGam Bolivia for completing another eco-friendly Greenhouse Classroom! Each time a greenhouse is built, our team improves the technology and thrills local schools.

CHOICE partnered with the Municipality of Batallas and the Community of Cullucachi to help provide this amazing addition to their school. The classroom has the distinction of being warm in the winter as well as very bright! This creates an amazing learning environment for the kids. Many Bolivian schools on the Altiplano are nothing more than 4 walls of mud structures without windows. Imagine trying to learn, read, study in these cold structures in the very low light.

In these eco-friendly classrooms, the students learn greenhouse vegetable gardening, an essential survival skill in the harsh winters of the Altiplano. CHOICE Bolivia would like to thank specifically the Campbell Family, Wheeler Machinery and all the Wheeler employees who are helping to fund and support the project.


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