INSIDE BOLIVIA: Watercolors by Hadley Rampton

"This past summer, I accompanied CHOICE Humanitarian on an expedition to the Altiplano of Bolivia. Our mission was to assist in the construction of classrooms in the town of Taracollo, home to indigenous Bolivians. Along with my sleeping bag and work clothes, I packed my camera and watercolors supplies. Although I knew I would be giving the majority of my time to the humanitarian work ahead of me, I wanted to record what I could of the village, its people, and my experience in watercolor and ink.



After my week in the village, I remained in Bolivia for another week. I spent my time traveling to La Paz, Potosí and Sucre. Each told stories of the Indigenous peoples’ struggles with the Spanish, followed by the Criollos (mixed race peoples). In each locale, I learned what I could of their histories and painted in their streets.

I have long felt for the plight of Indigenous peoples and the injustices they have endured, and continue to endure. My week spent with the warm and wonderful people of Taracollo strengthened my feelings. These paintings and accompanying writings convey my impressions of what I experienced and learned.

As a thank you to CHOICE Humanitarian and to assist them further with their efforts in Bolivia, I plan to donate 30% of the proceeds from the possible sales of the watercolors to CHOICE." -Hadley Rampton





Please join us at the downtown Salt Lake City Public Library, 2nd Floor, from 6 - 9 pm on Monday, May 21st for the opening of

Inside Bolivia: Watercolors by Hadley Rampton


Hadley Rampton graduated from the University of Utah with an Honors BFA in Painting and Drawing in 1999. During her course of university study, she spent a semester in Florence, Italy taking classes in studio art, Renaissance Art History and History of Renaissance Architecture. Rampton began painting professionally shortly after graduation. Over the course of her near 20 year professional career she has participated in numerous Juried Exhibitions and Solo shows held at such venues as Springville Museum of Art, SLC, UT, Eccles Art Center, Ogden, UT, Salt Lake Community College, Phillips Gallery, SLC, UT and Art Access, SLC, UT. She has been featured in several publications including Plein Air Magazine, Western Art & Architecture, Judsons Plein Air Journal, Artists of Utah’s 15 Bytes Online Publication and Southwest Art Magazine. Rampton’s work can be found in the collections of the Wallace F. Bennett Federal Building, SLC, UT, the Yellowstone Club, Big Sky, MT, Questar Gas, SLC, UT, Aspen Traditional Rehab, Meridian, ID, Rowland Hall-St. Marks, SLC, UT, the Law Firm of Preg, O’Donnell & Gillett, Seattle, WA, Rooker Mohrman, Rawlings & Bailey, SLC, UT, Ballard, Spahr, Andrew & Ingersoll, SLC, UT and Hutchinson & Steffen, Las Vegas, NV. She is currently represented by Phillips Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT, Torrey Gallery, Torrey, UT and Abend Gallery, Denver, CO.


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  • Suzi Montgomery
    Very excited to see an artist teaming up with a humanitarian non profit to so perfectly capture this beautiful world and work to make it even better.