Bean to Bar, Making a Difference

Chocolate_bar_display.jpgOne day isn’t enough. National Chocolate Day is only one day a year. Luckily every day you can enjoy premium chocolate from farmers in partnership with CHOICE. And when you purchase this chocolate, a portion of the profit provides these farmers access an agricultural specialist.  

CHOICE works in collaboration with Durci Chocolate, the makers of Crio Bru, and ASPROBO, a cacao cooperative to reach a larger marketplace and develop a long-term strategy to grow their business and improve their quality of life.9073.jpeg

ASPROBO is comprised of 92 small-scale farmers producing two varieties of high quality, organic cacao beans in the mountains of Peru. The beans are grown alongside mango, banana, and passion fruit trees and carry hints of these fruits in their flavor. Historically this cooperative has encountered many challenges connecting to a competitive marketplace. As a result, community members struggle to make a living and are concerned that the younger generation will not be interested in farming. Supporting ASPROBO will not only improve the livelihood of the farmers but also provide a new perspective on farming for the younger generation.

9074.jpegNot only will you enjoy an amazing chocolate bar, but all profits will provide for an agricultural specialist to help these farmers increase quality and production.

Buy your chocolate now!

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