A Young Entrepreneur

A Young EntrepreneurLiliana is 11 years old and lives in the community of Rincon de la Concepcion Mexico State. And she is the youngest person working in egg production in her community.

It didn’t matter to Liliana that the community does not offer classes for children; she set about learning how to care for hens. Liliana works with her mother who is in the breeding hens project/egg production presented by CHOICE Mexico.

This activity is part of the Children’s Savings Box program and Liliana is very excited that she will soon be supporting the community with new projects and learning new things in egg production.

Liliana wants to help the whole community in its development. She does not see her age as an inhibitor. In fact, she is excited to have learned egg production at a young age so she can help her family and the community. Good luck Liliana!


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