A Father's Journey

Benito Vargas has a wife and five children. What he does Cover_Photo.jpgnot have is a left foot or a right arm. 



Benito and two other men were helping a local school teacher put the mast of the flag together when they accidentally touched the high voltage electricity cables with the flag pole, and all of them were electrocuted. They all suffered first-degree burns, but Benito was the most affected.

His limbs had to be trimmed, and when infections began his foot and arm had to be completed severed.  To survive without Benito working, the family sold all of their animals, but it was not enough, and their debts continued to increase.Capture.JPG

Benito told the CHOICE Bolivia staff that he wanted to die so he would not be a burden to the family, but the love of his children and wife kept him alive. At that same time, doTERRA came on an expedition to that area. They encouraged him to be strong because his family needed him. Additionally, they helped the family acquire more animals. Soon after that, Benito and a friend used leather to create something to replace his left foot. Benito recovered surprisingly well and continues to be a great father for his children.

Upon recovering, Benito sold a cow and bought a very old car. Through the support of Willy, CHOICE Bolivia Director, he obtained a driver's license to work and support his family. Félix, Senior Technician & Vehicle Maintenance Specialist at CHOICE Bolivia, repaired the car and with the help of one of his sons, Benito started a taxi service in his community. Benito’s positive attitude and his desire to provide for his family will not stop him. He understands that he is the head of his house and despite all his limitations he is an exemplary father. CHOICE Humanitarian honors all responsible parents who love their children. DSC_0183.JPG

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