(No) Food for Thought

As part of the Spring Into Action campaign running from April 16 – May 1, we will be posting daily about topics related to extreme poverty and how anyone and everyone can join the movement to end it.

According to UNICEF, nearly half of all deaths in children under the age of 5 are a result of undernutrition -- which means approximately 3 million young lives lost each year. That’s like the entire population of Buenos Aires, Argentina, being wiped out in one short year. Additionally, poor nutrition in the first 1,000 days of a child’s life can cause stunted growth, which is closely connected to reduced school and work performance, as well as impaired cognitive ability.

While undernutrition is particularly dangerous for children, it affects individuals of all ages. First, it increases the frequency and severity of infections -- which are common in rural villages. Unfortunately, undernutrition also makes it harder for the body to recover from illness.

Now that you are thoroughly depressed, we want to tell you that there are solutions to the undernutrition problem! From teaching families about proper nutrition to training individuals in sustainable small-scale gardening, actions are being taken daily to combat undernutrition. However, our favorite example is a bit cheesier and a lot more delicious.

FeelGood, one of our community partners, is an organization selling grilled cheese sandwiches to end world hunger. How do they do it? Through volunteer college students setting up “deli’s” on over 24 campuses, where grilled cheese sandwiches are sold. Proceeds from their sales go towards organizations, including CHOICE, who are fighting undernutrition. Not only do the grilled cheese sandwiches raise money, but they start incredible conversations about global hunger and how it can be ended.

April is National Grilled Cheese Month and FeelGood is selling grilled cheese to end hunger & poverty. In our opinion, it’s the perfect opportunity to make yourself a grilled cheese sandwich and post a photo of you eating it on your favorite social media site!

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