In remote communities around the world people walk nearly 4 miles round-trip for water and they usually make that trip multiple times a day, carrying approximately 44 pounds of water each trip. During a global pandemic when everyone is working hard to wash their hands as much as possible, think about how challenging that would be if you had to walk for your water.

To raise awareness to the challenges individuals around the world are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are introducing the 10 Steps for Water Challenge. See if you can walk just 10 steps with a container of water on your head. The tricky thing is, you can't use your hands!

For every post of someone doing the water walk challenge with the hashtag #10stepsforwater Security National Mortgage Company will donate $10 - up to $10,000 total. If you challenge three or more friends by tagging them in your post, an additional $5 will be donated.

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