12 Components of a 10 Year Strategy

The CHOICE Humanitarian Strategy of a Self-Developing District (2016): (12 Components of a Ten Year Program)

By James B. Mayfield, PhD

Note how the 12 components of this CHOICE program seeks to address the 12 disconnects listed below


A  Pre-Program Activities (3-6 months)

1. Identify the District Level Area (Government Approval of an area roughly 100,000 people)

    ** (Disconnect between Central Government vs.. Villages)

2. Recruit and Train Rural Development Facilitators

    ** (Disconnect between government officials vs.. villagers)

3. Data Collection:  Base Line Data, RDFs interview every family in Program area

    ** (Disconnect between resources spent v.s goals achieved, progress not measured).

B. First Year of Program: Building Mutual Trust and Understanding

4.  Building Trust between RDFs and Villagers (Projects in Five Dimensions)

     ** (Disconnect between Top Down vs. Bottom-up Project Implementation)

5.  Expeditions (Building Trust among Donors, RDFs, and Villagers)

     ** (Disconnect between Donors vs. RDFs and Villagers)

6.  Emphasizing Core Values (Identify villager-determined core values

     ** (Disconnect between technical/administrative vs. culture/core values)

C.  Second Year of Program: Institution Building and Introduction to Extreme Poverty Elimination.

7.  Gender Equality Leadership Training (Governance, Results-based Management, and Leadership Legitimacy.

     * (Disconnect between male domination vs. gender equality programming)

8. Building Networks and Partnerships (Importance of Leveraging)

    ** (Disconnect between Outsider Funding and Local Mobilization of Resources)

9. Building Economic Development Cooperatives (Savings and Entrepreneurship Training, Linking Villagers to Local Banks and Savings & Loans Institutions)

   ** (Disconnect between elite control and Inclusive participation in economic development)

D. Third Year of Program:  Formalize Community-based Extreme Poverty Elimination Program.

10.  Formal Commitment to Strengthening "Communities of Compassion" (Involve extreme poor in enterprise development.

       ** (Disconnect between nonpoor, upper and middle poor vs. extreme poor)

11. Formalize a zone planning council made up of one man and one woman from each village development council (VCD) area, roughly up to 100,000 people.  Plan and implement an integrated set of programs structured to improve the quality of life for all members of the communities impacted by the CHOICE Three-Year Program. Finally create a district-based system linking communities to political, social and economic opportunities at regional, national, and international levels. 

 E. Years Four to Ten and Beyond:  Independent District Councils Seek an Open-ended Move to a Higher Quality of Life 

12. See the Four Phases of a Self-Developing District Program